Welcome to the Fall 2017 edition of CareerFocus. CareerFocus gives you information about the many opportunities available at North Central Texas College. NCTC is a great choice for those looking to start a new career, gain some additional skill sets, or continue their formal education.

Very soon NCTC will deliver again on its commitment to affordable, quality education in a stimulating learning environment with expansion to a new campus in the heart of downtown Denton and the addition of a new technology center in Bowie.

G. Brent Wallace, Ph.D.
District Chancellor
North Central Texas College

These investments by NCTC are a reminder that education is an investment of time and money. It may surprise you to see what an excellent investment education really is. An Associate degree is worth over $420,000 in lifetime earnings above what you can expect as a high school graduate and a Bachelor’s degree is worth even more at $964,000 over a lifetime. Yet it’s not enough to just complete a degree, you have to find the right job. That is where NCTC’s Career Services Center (CSC) can help. The CSC is entering its second year of operations and is yet another service NCTC offers to the community and its students.

Applying to NCTC is the first step to get started, and that can be completed online. Plus our helpful, “Students First” focused staff will guide you along the way if you need it. We want to see you succeed at every step of your educational journey, and we have made it our priority to deliver even more resources to ensure that success. NCTC has a team of professionals specialized in counseling, financial aid, disability services, tutoring, student life, and university transfer. If it’s a service that will enhance your learning, we offer it. NCTC cares about your success and your future.

I’m confident you’ll learn more about NCTC and the labor market through this edition of CareerFocus. If you’re ready to put that knowledge to work, let us help you find success.

Empower Your Dreams,
Empower Your Passion,
Empower Your Future!



G. Brent Wallace,
Ph.D. NCTC District Chancellor