Numerous Allied Health certifications for students interested in medical careers like Phlebotomy Technician or Medical Billing and Coding used to be available via NCTC’s Continuing Education department. Recently, that changed, and these health-related certificates have been transferred to the college’s Health Sciences division. The list also includes specialty certificates like EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant and Certified Nurse Aide.

In addition, as part of the college’s pathways initiative, Health Sciences is adding a new program for a Health Professions Readiness certificate starting the Summer 2019 semester. Training students over the spectrum of most of the allied health professions, the Health Professions Readiness certificate entails one or two 8-week blocks of four courses, with students earning an Occupational Skills Award (OSA) after each session. 

Allied Health programs chair, Maame Darkwa, says the new Health Professions Readiness certificate is designed for students exploring allied health careers with the intention of earning an associate degree, and is structured to prepare individuals for a successful entry into the healthcare workforce.

Initial Health Professions Readiness studies include topics like wellness theory, medical terminology, safety issues, and patient monitoring and health documentation. In the second session, students explore the pharmacological principles of drug classifications, therapeutic uses and adverse effects, and the calculation of dosages. Coursework also delves into hands-on tasks like head-to-toe body systems assessments, EKGs and venipuncture. 

Students who complete both sessions are eligible to attempt the Patient Care Technician certification offered through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

For more Information, contact Maame Darkwa at or (940) 498-6432.