• Do you have knowledge and/or prior work experience that could help you pursue an education in Business Management, Business Office Technology or Criminal Justice?
  • Would you like to shorten the time it takes for you to complete education certificates in these programs?
  • Can you benefit from book and tuition scholarships, access to a Success Coach, and the ease of completing these programs completely online?

If so, come to NCTC to FAST RACK with the FAST TART IV Grant that offers Texas residents a way to expedite their education and readies them for employment in the Texas workforce. Fast Start students enroll in accelerated, competency-based (CBE) courses in one of three high-demand occupations within the Career and Technical Education programs listed above. Students with prior knowledge and skills in the course content are able to complete the course at an accelerated pace by demonstrating they can meet the course competencies.  Competency levels are tested for each module. When a student completes a module with an 80% or higher score demonstrating mastery of the particular competency, the student can move on to the next module; thus fast-tracking through the course.  All modules in each course must be completed within the scheduled 8-week enrollment period.

Students that are interested in participating in the Fast Start IV Grant should contact the grant Success Coach or Coordinator for advisement on how to get started. The Fast Start IV grant staff will advise and enroll student participants in the required courses.  A Success Coach works with the student throughout their enrollment in the program to encourage, motivate, and guide the student to certificate or degree completion at NCTC. Grant funding through January 2019.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.nctc.edu/fast-start-iv-grant/index.html

Or contact:

Sarah Morrow
940-668-7731, ext. 4957

Mallory Batts
940-668-7731, ext. 4965