Ashley Stratton
Firefighter/Paramedic, City of Lewisville

It took me two years to decide to enroll at NCTC. I lacked confidence, and I didn’t know if I would be able to get a job because of my “colorful” past.

I started in the EMT/Paramedic program but experienced the fire service during our ride outs. My heart led me straight into NCTC’s Fire Academy after the paramedic program. As a firefighter you are a part of something extraordinary that has this amazing reputation and immense responsibility. It’s not a regular job; it’s life and death; mediocre doesn’t cut it.

NCTC’s instructors really went to bat for me. It was not easy to get a job, or even be considered by many departments, because of my earlier mistakes. The letters of recommendation my instructors wrote brought tears to my eyes. They showed that I had taken my studies seriously and worked very hard. I am blessed beyond measure to be where I am right now! NCTC was the best decision I ever made.